Vendors & Artists

Have something to sell? Well we’d love to give you a place to sell it.

Vendor Room

  • Base Price: $100
  • Additional Tables: $50
  • Additional Badges: $25

Base price includes one table and two badges. No vendor can occupy more than four tables in the vendor room.

Apply For The 2016 Vendor Room

Artist Alley

Are you an artist? Do you make your own stuff? Well, then you qualify to buy a table in our Artist’s Alley.

  • Table + 1 Badge: $50
  • Additional Badges: $25

Apply For The 2016 Artist Alley

Important Policies

The selling of unlicensed works or those that break international copyright or trademark law is strictly prohibited at the Nerd & Tie Expo. Any vendor selling said “bootleg” materials may be removed from the convention with no refunds offered.

Artists creating works for the artist alley are allowed to sell non-mass produced fanart.

Adult and Pornographic Materials
The Nerd & Tie Expo prohibits the display of adult merchandise. Any adult merchandise sold must be kept out of sight to the general public. Any sales of adult merchandise must include packaging to obscure it on the show floor. Vendors and Artists are responsible for verifying that purchasers of adult merchandise are at least 18 years of age.

Weapons Sales
Any weapons sold in the vendor room must immediately leave the show floor once they exit the selling vendor’s tables.

Additional Terms
Vendors and Artists are subject to the same rules of conduct as all other attendees.

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