2016 Main Event & Panel Descriptions

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Main Events:

Opening Ceremonies
Friday 5pm, Programming One
The “opening” event of the con, even though it’s several hours in! It’s exciting!

The Concert!

Friday 10pm, Programming One
We have musical guests! They play music! This is not a complicated event.

Cosplay Contest
Saturday 7pm, Programming One
Says exactly what it is on the tin!

The Dance

Saturday 9pm, Programming One
Put on your boogie shoes and get down with some sick beat? I think? I’m just writing the program guide. I’m not cool enough to write this summary. Featured DJs: DJ Dirty Ice and DJ Drazz.

Closing Ceremonies
Sunday 4pm, Programming One
It’s over! Sit down with Nerd & Tie’s Trae, Nick and Pher as we talk about the weekend we all just had together

The “Late Night Black and White”
Late Night Friday and Saturday, Programming Two
A Marathon of classic black and white science fiction and horror films, including The Last Man on Earth, House on Haunted Hill, and Night of the Living Dead!

Late Night Black and White Schedule
12:00 AM House on Haunted Hill 1:00 AM The Last Man on Earth
1:15 AM Night of the Living Dead 2:25 AM Nosferatu
3:00 AM The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari 4:00 AM Plan Nine From Outer Space
4:10 AM Teenagers from Outer Space 5:20 AM White Zombie
5:35 AM Prisoners of the Lost Universe 6:30 AM The Screaming Skull
7:30 AM Buck Rogers: Planet Outlaws 7:45 AM Atom Age Vampire
8:35 AM Carnival of Souls 9:10 AM The Phamtom of the Opera
9:50 AM The Little Shop of Horrors

Panel Descriptions


The Makings of a Great Story
Panelist: Jane Lofquist
Friday 2pm, Programming One
From the foundation of what a story is at its core to the development of character and sub-plots, this is a panel all about how to create a good story – even if you’re not an English major. With exercises to improve writing skills and other helpful tips to create a successful story.

Geek Trivia Contest
Panelists: The UGO Podcast
Friday 3pm, Programming One
The hosts of the UGO podcast (Unapologetic Geek Out) will test your geek knowledge of movies, cartoons, anime, video games and all things geek related. Prizes provided by the UGO podcast. Check us out on iTunes!

Hello Kitty!
Panelist: Tiffany Grant
Friday 4pm, Programming Two
Hello Kitty always says, “You can never have too many friends!” Come join Tiffany Grant as she shares her love for all things Kitty. (Besides being an avid collector, Tiffany was the scriptwriter for the English version of Hello Kitty’s Animation Theatre TV series in which she played three major characters.)

How (Not) To Make it on Youtube
Panelists: Sean Corse, Lewis Lovhaug
Friday 6pm, Programming One
While many people might try to tell you how to become successful in online video, this panel is about everything you shouldn’t do. Join our guests for a discussion of the (sometimes hilarious) mistakes they made along the way trying to “make it” online.

Langland vs Punch Out
Panelist: Paul Langland
Friday 6pm, Programming Two
Langland is bringing back an old local convention favorite. Langland will play and beat Mike Tyson and the other boxers in the classic NES title Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.

Designing an RPG
Panelist: Craig Sieracki
Friday 7pm, Programming One
Ever think about developing your own tabletop game or RPG? Craig has. Join one of the co-authors of Chomp! as he talks about what it takes to develop a game.

Eorzea’s Finest (Maybe): A FFXIV Meet n Greet
Panelist: Jess Ange
Friday 7pm, Programming Two
Casual meet and greet panel with a trivia game and gameplay discussions! Yes, Lalafells are welcome.

Craziest Japanese Commercials
Panelist: Viga (Victoria Gadson)
Friday 8pm, Programming Two
This is an hour of a curated various Japanese commercials that are funny, cute or just…weird.


The Famicom Dojo Podcast LIVE!

Panelist: Sean Corse
Saturday 10am, Programming One

A live version of the retro-gaming podcast Famicom Dojo!

Podcasters’ Meetup

Saturday 11am, Programming One

Do you podcast? Do you want to talk with other podcasters? Then this, right here, is your opportunity to do so!

One Piece Fan Discussion
Panelist: Paul Langland
Saturday 11am, Programming Two
A discussion about the Anime series One Piece. The panel will discuss the plot of the series and where is has went and where it is going. WARNING: There will be some spoilers.

Podcasting 101

Panelists: The UGO Podcast
Saturday 12pm, Programming One

Nick Thyes, The Merc with a Mic and host of the UGO podcast on iTunes, lets you know the ins and outs of creating and running a podcast. Starting your own podcast or simply curious about the process? Come down and learn a thing or two.

Getting Into Character

Panelist: Helena Steele
Saturday 12pm, Programming Two

Topics will cover posing for cosplay photo shoots and acting for CMVs. Panel will include a screening of “BREATHLESS” a cosplay short film as well as Q & A with Helena Steele, the writer and an actress in the film.

Atop the Fourth Wall LIVE

Panelist: Lewis Lovhaug
Saturday 1pm, Programming One

A live version of Linkara’s “Atop the Fourth Wall” webseries.

Must Read Manga and Must Watch Anime

Panelists: Cassandra Pearson and Claire Borchard
Saturday 1pm, Programming Two
Provides an introductory course on anime and manga. Goes through history of the mediums, the different genres, legal ways to access series, and provides examples of series that define and defy genre tropes.

The 16-Bit Summer Dojo!
Panelist: Sean Corse
Saturday 2pm, Programming One

Sure, it’s now technically fall, but Famicom Dojo has been hard at work at new videos all summer. Join Sean “SeanOrange” Corse for a sampling of Famicom Dojo’s latest videos, along with what he’s working on next!

Nerd & Tie LIVE!

Panelists: Trae Dorn, Pher Sturz, Nick Izumi
Saturday 3pm, Programming One

Join us for a live version of the Nerd & Tie Podcast, as they discuss the latest news and events in the geek world.

Superhero Movie Cliches

Panelist: Kristoffer Martin
Saturday 3pm, Programming Two

A discussion comparing recent Superhero movies and their common plot structure, tropes, and cliches.

Where in the World is Your Anime?

Panelist: Cassandra Pearson
Saturday 4pm, Programming Two

An informational and interactive panel focusing on anime and manga with settings outside of Japan, but still set on Earth (with the exception of one with takes place on the moon).

Voice Acting vs. Stage/On-Camera Acting

Panelist: Tiffany Grant
Saturday 5pm, Programming Two

What’s different? What’s the same? A veteran performer discusses show business, answers your questions and shares their insights.


Celebrity Impressions Workshop
Panelists: The UGO Podcast
Sunday 11am, Programming One

Nick Thyes, the host of the UGO podcast and Merc with a Mic, will teach you the tips and tricks for impersonating your favorite celebrities, characters, and cartoons. Come down to hear some funny voices.

Gaming with Brownie

Panelist: Matt “StrangeBrownie” VanWinkle
Sunday 12pm, Programming One

A Panel about collecting, cataloging, and upkeeping video games.

Cosplay on a Budget

Panelist: Helena Steele
Sunday 1pm, Programming One

If you’ve heard before that cosplay has to be expensive, you’re wrong! This panel explores how to costume on a tight budget. We will cover where to go for deals, how to budget effectively, and talk about alternatives to expensive materials.

The CLAMP Panel

Panelist: Cassandra Pearson
Sunday 1pm, Programming Two

An informational panel on the mangaka group CLAMP and all of their works.

The Last Chance Guest Q&A & Autograph Session

Panelists: Tiffany Grant, Lewis Lovhaug, Helena Steele, Sean Corse
Sunday 2pm
Miss any of our guests panels, but still want a chance to see them? Well head on over to our “Last Chance” panel. The first hour is a Q&A, where you can ask them whatever burning question you need to ask, followed by an autograph session in the second hour.

Boogie Wonderland

Panelist: Cassandra Pearson
Sunday 2pm Programming Two

A dance session for parapara, dances featured in anime, or dances set to Japanese or Korean pop music. Attendees will be able to select from a list of available dances.

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