2016 Cosplay Rules

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  1. Cosplay registration is located near the convention registration table in the lobby.
  2. Registration times are in the lobby from 5:00pm Friday to 12:00pm Saturday, with last minute sign ups accepted at the Prejudging room until 4:00pm Saturday.

Costume Guidelines:

  1. All costumes must be appropriate for public settings.
    1. Skin exposure should obey all public decency laws.
    2. No exposed under-boob.
  2. No live steel will be allowed on the con premises.
    1. Purchased weapons from the Vendor Room must be taken immediately to your hotel room or your vehicle; you may not walk the con floor casually with these weapons.
  3. Gun and other weapon props that could be mistaken by a bystander as a real weapon need to be checked by a staff member.
    1. Please go to the staff room if you question whether your prop is safe or not.
    2. All prop guns must have a highly visible orange tip.

Contest Guidelines:

  1. Anime, Manga, Sci-fi, Videogame, and Original Character costumes will be accepted into the contest.
  2. Costumes will be judged based on three levels of experience:
    1. Beginner
      1. Novice cosplayers with few to no awards
    2. Advanced/Intermediate
      1. Moderately experienced cosplayers with a few awards, but no awards is also acceptable.
      2. Commissioned costumes are required to enter into this category.
    3. Master
      1. Highly experienced cosplayers who have won several awards.
      2. Best in Show award-winners are required to enter into this category, regardless of which costume won the award.
  3. The cosplayer is ultimately the decider where they want to be placed.
    1. Judges reserve the right to move cosplayers they feel worthy of a higher place in the judging categories. Beginners can be pulled to Advanced, and Advanced can be pulled to Master.
      1. You may refuse the request to move up, if you wish.
      2. Judges will never push someone down into a less experienced category.

Contest Judging:

  1. Judging consists of a panel of 2-3 well-qualified costumers from the convention scene.
  2. Costumes will be judged in three main areas:
    1. Scope of costume, including labor involved.
    2. Construction and design, including:
      1. Precision
      2. Effectiveness
      3. Originality
    3. Accuracy, including association to character.

Participating in the Contest:

  1. You must be signed up to compete.
  2. All competitors meet in the Green Room behind Main Programming (near the hot tub) at 6:00pm.
  3. A dry run of the contest will be conducted at 6:30pm:
    1. All contestants will be allowed to walk across the stage, in order.
    2. Everyone will get a chance to see the stage and ask any questions.
    3. Make note of the entrance and exit for the stage, and where to sit in the audience when done.
  4. Pay attention to the Cosplay Head and Cosplay Staff before the contest for directions.
  5. Keep your number token. This is your order in line. It must be with you to get on stage.
  6. Walk-ons can be up to 60 seconds
  7. Skits can be up to 2 minutes
    1. Trust me when I say it feels a lot longer when you’re up on stage!
  8. Microphones are available. Motion to the hosts if you need one.
  9. Awards will be given after the Intermission.

Eau Claire, WI's Newest Geek Convention – September 23-25, 2016